Stop Court Imposed Child Abuse and Violations of Natural/Adoptive Parents Constitutionally Protected Rights!

Our children are just dollar signs to the system! Stop our courts and government affiliated agencies from abusing their power to rip apart our families!

To whom this may concern,

In the Family Courts across this country, Judges are making ill-informed custody and visitation decisions that violate the constitutional rights of parents, mainly mothers, and children because of the lack of recognition and understanding of the dynamics of power and control in domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse. Consequently, children are being placed back into harm's way at the hands of their abuser. This phenomenon plagues family courts across the nation. It is so common it has come to be called "court imposed child abuse." Please take a stand for our children who deserve a life free of abuse, it is their basic human right!

We request the following changes:

Require yearly training regarding domestic violence and child abuse/neglect for all of our judges, government affiliated agencies, and attorneys.

Require that each state have a regulatory board that will oversee the decisions made by our Family Courts and officials involving our children and have the ability to discipline judges and officials for misconduct.

Require any allegations of abuse or neglect to automatically suspend visitation if there is outstanding proof that the other parent or parents has/have without a doubt abused or neglected the child. Placing the child back in the abusers custody is putting the child in unnecessary danger. It is a natural (biological) and adoptive parents right to protect their child.

Require each state to reevaluate or replace the "best interest standard" giving biological and adoptive parents the Constitutionally demanded right to decide what is best for their children without interference of the courts so long as there is no evidence of abuse or neglect on the part of the parent. Maternal deprivation specifically is a serious issue revolving in our Family Courts. Our children are suffering developmentally in several aspects of their youth, in some cases even into their adulthood, because our Family Courts are ripping our children from their mothers, causing maternal deprivation in our children especially if they are under the age of five, which is seen in several psychological studies. To name one, The Attachment Theory By: John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth (Sited:

Require our states to conduct DNA testing in ALL custody cases in exception to those involving adoptive parents. According to our Constitutional rights as natural (biological) parents, we should have the ability to care for and make decisions regarding the best interests of our children without the interference of any third party without evidence of abuse or neglect.

For future issues regarding paternity, require DNA testing to be done upon birth of a child in the hospital as a standard test if the parents are unwed, thus saving the burden placed upon the courts at a later date and only requiring the acknowledgement of paternity to be signed if pate