Stop the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty

STOP one world government efforts

Stop the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty. The treaty will unfairly tax the citizens of the United States. This treaty is a worldwide redistribution of wealth to third world countries based on carbon emissions going back to the 1800s, with the United States paying a majority of the carbon emission tax. Based on a flawed theory of global warming, the treaty will establish a worldwide ?government? functioning outside the parameters of the US Constitution and will adversely impact the United States.

If President Obama signs this treaty and attempts to have it ratified by the Senate (which he MUST do according to the US Constitution) he MUST be impeached IMMEDIATELY.

Otherwise, I see no reason not to declare the entire US Federal Government to be illegal and unconstitutional, and to form a new government that will uphold the letter of the Constitution and actually DEFEND our rights instead of sell them away to the highest bidder.

And any New World Order psychopaths that think America is going to take this sitting down, get ready to see an awakened giant striding in your direction.