STOP Congressional Investigations for Political Gain Immediately

The United States of America can not afford the continuous childish bickering in Congress that is dividing our country. We have just witnessed the Democratic Congress' perform the greatest scam in history for the gain of their political party. With no remorse whatsoever, we have witnessed live Adam Schiff forge the President's letter and have the gall to then say the Senate is a sham. Where is the law of perjury for his performance before the Senate trial? They now declare they will continue to investigate. Who gives the House Democrats approval to continue a resolved closed impeachment? Where is document proof that the people demand further investigation? Who gives them the power to do whatever they want when they want?
Is this not "Abuse of Power"? No party whether the majority or not has the right to be DICTATOR over the country, yet nothing seems to be in place to stop it.
It is time for something to be done to stop this chaos and return our legislators back to working together. If you as our elected leaders are not working together, you fail and the country fails.
I propose that our legislators come together to come up with legislation to hold everyone accountable, instead of being in the helpless state we have just witnessed while a few majority leaders dictate what happens.
I suggest this and call for action:
1) No future impeachment process be initiated into the Congress without proper documentation of request from half the registered voters of the country, not because someone in the Majority decides they want to.
2) The Congress pass into law that a House Inquiry complete their work prior to sending it to the Senate for trial, and shall only be forwarded by two thirds vote. Otherwise it is defeated in the House. This is the only fair and the only accountable way to end the greed of political gain and dictatorship.

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