Stop Congessional Pay During Government Shutdown

Stop the madness that these politicians started and show them we are their employers, not the other way around!

Dear Mr. President and Congress,

Enough with the blame game. We do not care about which party is to blame. This is not a political game, this is our livelihoods. Why is it that you get to vote on things without the direct input from the ones you are supposed to be fighting for? We elected you into office and we will elect you out. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Why are you being paid when over 800,000 federal employees are not? We didn't shutdown the government, you did! Enough blaming one another. Mr. President, you are the leader of our nation. It is time you act like it. Get to work, solve these issues, and get our government running again. In the meantime, whatever you are being paid should be put right back where it came from, right back to the taxpayer who helped elect you to be part of the solution instead of the problem!

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