Stop the Conditioning in Schools-Homosexuality is Not Normal

Heterosexuality is Normal. Keep America Strong and Proud.

Heterosexuality is normal. It has never been in a closet. It is productive. Children are normal product of a heterosexual marriage.

Homosexuality is not normal. It should be treated as the disorder it is. You don't see schizophrenics rallying for special rights. Homosexuality spreads disease, not children. Teaching, or you may call it conditioning our future leaders to accept homosexuality as normal is a set up for America to fail in all areas of leadership, including our strength and honor among the United Nations.

We must not be afraid to speak of truth, morals and honor. Our country is at a war with right and wrong. Put homosexuality back in the closet. Help its victims seek medical and psychological treatment through centers. It will cost us less now and later. If we continue to condition our future leaders to accept homosexuality as normal America will fall and fail. And we will have failed our children.