Stop the closing of Drug Farm Boot Camp


WE HAVE A WONDERFUL PROGRAM WHICH SHOULD BE UTILIZED IN ALL OF THE UNITED STATES IN THIS DRUG FARM. THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE INVOLVED AND THEY HAVE DEDICATED THERE LIVES TO MAKING THESE MEN AND WOMEN BECOME OUTSTANDING CITIZENS WITH AN 85% SUCCESS RATE. PLEASE READ ABOUT THE STAR PROGRAM IN PALM BEACH COUNTY AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. THIS PROGRAM WORKS AND IS BEING CLOSED DOWN. WE NEED TO KEEP IT OPEN FOR THE SAKE OF ALL. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION I HAVE ATTACHED.STOP THE CLOSING OF BOOT CAMP/DRUG FARMTarget:FLORIDASponsored by: ALL PARENTS WITH A CHILD WITH DRUG/ALCOHOL ADDITIONPALM BEACH COUNTY SHERIFF BRADSHAW IS CLOSING DOWN THE BOOT CAMP/DRUG FARM: Would you believe Palm Beach County Sheriff BRADSHAW is closing down the Boot Camp program for Drug Addition as of Sept 30, 2010. This program has an 85% success rate!! These young men and women have not got a chance with all the pill mills here in Palm Beach County. These doctors and convicted felons are allowed to se...ll the drugs to people that have a back pain etc and then makes sure they are addicted. Shame on our county for allowing this to happen. The pain clinics need to be closed down and the drug farm/boot camp needs to stay open. Cut something else out of the BUDGET!!!! Please USA read the article and help us keep the farm open. Look how many lives it will save. Every state needs this program. Read about the program here: