Stop Child and Women Abductions

We are determined to Stop These Crimes

With this petition we are demanding action.

This petition goes directly to President Obama, and your U.S. Senators and Congressmen

The website

has other petitions which DO NOT REQUIRE an EMAIL address and those will be sent to ALL other Senators and Reps and that site outlines the means we can take to stop these crimes BUT we need our elected representative to get involved.

The basic action we are demanding is aimed at getting N.A.S.A to provide Videos and Pictures taken from satellites -- of crime scenes to police so the police can act immediately and possible save lives. the web site goes into more details

We have been funding N.A.S.A for 6 decades and It is about time we got more results from our investment - they can and have been suppying the military with their vids and pics since Viet Nam

Now we must put aside our fear of 'invasion of privacy' with the knowledge we are saving and protecting women and children

Again Visit

for more details and the other petitions


on your Face Book Page - Twitter it to your followers, post notices of it on Craiglist, Contact CNN and The Headline News Network hosts who have shows about these crimes - Send notices to Oprah, Dr Phil, Ellen and ALL other media who profess to care.

We strickly adhere to all internet privacy laws and DO NOT sell or distribute email addresses to others.