Stop child support pass 26 year's

Why should I as a parent never been given due process to appear in court for my children but have been paying child support for over 25 year's.
I've never been given court dates. The Arapahoe county child Support falsified paperwork to take custody of my children away from me back in 1993 was never given due process was never given a court date are continuing State money using my social security number fraudulently I feel that if your children still with you and you still helping take care of them why should you still be on child support and continue to get harassed taxes taken why isn't this law being changed and the mother have a 30 and 31 year old children. Child support should not be adding up 18 years worth of child support on anyone it should be paid a month-to-month basis all cases need to be reviewed in Arapahoe County
This needs to stop

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