Stop the BS going on with denying who qualify for Social Security Disability

It's been 7 years that I have been trying to get my social security benefits and at every turn I am being denied, no matter how much evidence that I have with each filing, reconsideration and appeal. In 2012 I filed because I was going through a bad case of Clinical Depression and they denied me. During the reconsideration phase I was then diagnosed with depression, PTSD and a severe case of anxiety and I was still denied. I filed an appeal had a hearing and was denied again, filed another appeal with more evidence and it was sent back to the judge who denied it again. I couldn't get an attorney because all the ones that I spoke to said that my case was too far along, so I had to start from scratch with a new application, again I was denied, reconsideration denied. I was referred to an organization who help with the filing and reconsideration process and after reviewing my files they took my case and filed a new application which the representative was sure that I was going to get approved because of all the other cases that they have handled for people with far less mental issues than I had, plus I had a new diagnosis which was Bipolar. Yet again I was denied the representative said that that was ok because the first application almost always gets denied, so they filed for the reconsideration and guess what denied again. And I forgot to mention for every denial they are stating I was denied for medical reasons which is not they reason why I applied, I applied for mental health reasons. So the agency couldn't file the appeal and again I couldn't find and attorney so I filed the appeal the best way that I could, also with this appeal I had a new Psychiatrist, therapist and case manager with a new agency who up my diagnosis of Bipolar to Bipolar 1 and was actually detailing my files with notes from my therapist and case manager, and yet again I was denied. I don't know the reason why yet. I don't believe that they are denying me for any good reason I believe that they are doing it because everyone else before then have denied me. I was told that by a representative at the social security office before this last appeal. His words to me was they are never going to approve me because I have been denied so many times. I don't understand how people can come into this country and without paying 1 cent in taxes can get all the money, housing and tax brake that they want, but I being someone who have payed into the system from working for years cant even get Social Security Disability. The worthless social security administration workers processing these cases probably don't even know what they are reading when reviewing these cases or just don't care. The government offices that are suppose to oversee the social security administration don't give a damn about the people who have paid into it and now cant get any assistance, I guess we have to die first and then they would say or that person was really sick but at least we get to keep her money because her kids are grown and she's not married so no spouse to get payment. Well those people need to fix the people in this administration or they all can go take a flying fucking leap off the highest building. I am so sick and tired of these people acting like they own these government agencies. For all the shit that they do to us I hope if they ever need help from social security that someone treat them they was they treat us. I guess they figure mental health is a serious issue and if they deny us enough that we would kill ourselves, well some people have and will. Mental health is waved off as an excuse but it is not it is serious, debloating and very irritating for most people suffering with 1 disorder but a thousand times worse if you have many. In my case mines came from extreme child abuse of every kind and I guess you can say am lucky because my mental break cam in my mid to late 40's. The system need to change before we loose more lives from the stress of not being able to get help.
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