There are other alternatives ...

Animal testing is a way to test a product, drug, or chemical. They do this to see if the drug or product works to see if there are any bad reactions to it. For example, while testing medication they pump the drug into the animal. Then, they observe the animal for a while and see its reaction. One disadvantage to this method is that they harm the animals. For example when testing aerosol sprays and perfume they open the animal?s eyelids and spray it inside their eye to see if it ?stings?. I mean its spray for crying out loud of course its going to sting! Then if the poor animal does not die in the process they either kill it off themselves or re-use it in other experiments. Another disadvantage is that the animals structure differs from that of a human. So what works on animals doesn?t mean it?ll work on us. So you see the only reason they test on animals is to see if a product is working or not but they are also hurting animals in vain.

Animal testing lead to many medical advancements. There are a lot of people that owe their lives to animal testing. Almost every vaccine used by humans had to be first tested on animals to ensure that it would be safe and effective. Insulin, which has saved millions of diabetics from an early and painful death was discovered through research on dogs and, until relatively recently, the only way to test for insulin during the purification process was to inject it into mice and monitor the effect on their blood sugar. The development of heart transplantation relied on experimentation using dogs. This allowed scientists to identify obstacles to successful transplantation, such as decay of the donated organ and rejection by the host. Animal experimentation allowed scientists to develop techniques to overcome these obstacles without directly experimenting on human patients. So you see it actually has helped us in a lot of medical advances. But even with this I still believe animal testing is wrong there are other alternatives to testing a drug.

Unlike crude, animal tests, non-animal methods usually take less time to complete and cost only a fraction of what the animal experiments cost. Effective, affordable, and humane research methods include studies of human populations, volunteers, and patients as well as sophisticated computer-modeling techniques. For example, Pharmagene Laboratories in Royston, England, is the first company to use only human tissues and sophisticated computer technology in the process of drug development and testing. With tools from molecular biology, biochemistry, and analytical pharmacology, Pharmagene conducts extensive studies of human genes and how drugs affect those genes or the proteins they make. While some companies have used animal tissues for this purpose, Pharmagene scientists believe that the discovery process is much more efficient with human tissues. So you see when it comes to testing a product you don?t need animals.