Stop all funding for DCFS stop caruptiobn

Stop Los Angeles county California coruppon dcfs
Stop federal funding and all money
Stop paying them
DCFS is getting paid to violate parents constitutiitional rights
Stop Los Angeles county Police officer's are violate contution rights
Over hear say
Picking on and targeting single mothers whom have disabilitys
Orien and patty Pacheco kidnapped
My son Fidel piedras
Fidel is autistic
These duo kidnappers told cops
He's not autistic
He's abused this couple dosent know
The 15 year old first time being him
When I reported them for kidnapping they deadbolt poor Fidel in there bedroom and threatened to never let him out of the room if he didn't say what they wanted him
And kill me his mother
Lots of people around the neighbor hood could hear yelling at Fidel
And then he's been giving my right s
Even though these two people are stangers Fidel Is currently shut down due autizm and they're trying it's something else bashing me
I raised this child he is being told he can't talk to me
I'm the one that knows what helps
They are tramatizing him more buy
Assuming the wrong thing .
They minpulated the cops

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