Stop all Foreclosures Now!!

Conduct extensive investigations now!!

We the undersigned are calling for a cease on all foreclosures. We are requesting an extensive investigation by the US Attorney General and Congress into all financial institutions and their cohorts..We are asking that our elected official side with the people as opposed to big business..

It appears that many of these institution's have deliberately stonewalled the modification process while people have been on these trial payments for months and some over a year, this stonewalling has been a concerted effort by the banks in an effort to generate high fee's, interest and late fee's in an effort to foreclose...

The citizens are very concerned about all of Countrywide loans that were originated during all of the 2000 until they disbursed appears as if all of their loans were connected to MRES...

MERS does not have any financial interest, it appears to have been a computer generated tool, their is no chain of title; thus, making the banks only the service providers, not the title holders...Having said that, how can the banks foreclose? They don't hold the title. Even more sinister, it appears that these loans were never funded, in other words, no money ever changed hands...Having said that, all of the payment's that were paid, less the bank processing fees' should have gone to the principle, being that their is no investor and/or lenders; thus making everyone in the Black...Their has never been any money exchanged other than the mortgage holder, as this has been nothing more than a shell game.,

In addition, states and counties have been cheated out of millions of dollars' based upon this MERS concept, as they never paid the fee's to file the deeds..

We the people need relief, we want all contracts involving MERS to have the terms of the original contract cut in half, less the extra charges, interest and so called fees and all payments that have been paid should be applied to the original principle..Being that their was not lenders, all with the exception of the bank processing fee's should have gone to principle being that they was never any title holder..

Lastly, American is witnessing the largest land theft grab in modern day history, this has been nothing more than a ponzie scam...Per their own admission, they are now exposed!!

Here are two admissions by FCIC and MERS and I have added the links..


This mess begins with the securitization and sale of these mortgages in the first instance. It begins with whether or not the original banks actually transferred the notes at all (there's plenty of evidence they did not) and whether the representations and warranties were complied with when these securities were sold to investors (we know in many cases ? if not all ? they were not, from FCIC sworn testimony.)

MERS Admission

What Could This Mean for Homeowners?

Earlier cases focused on the inability of MERS to produce