Stop all Censorship in all Media (Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Anime)

A lot of media content from several platform companies including Sony, Twitter, Facebook, Viz Media, Youtube, Funimation, Amazon and Google have been censoring content.

This include the mention of Hong Kong protests in several media (Sony playstation chat, Facebook, and Twitter), silencing of not only Conservative voices, but also Liberal voices (Facebook and Twitter), censoring narrative scenes of properly rated media (example Devil May Cry 5, Azur Lane by Funimation), the alteration of text from the author original intention (example One Punch Man) , Inserting their own Political agenda into content that is not what the Author intended, blanking out of blood and violence in historical videos (Video documentary of WWII on Youtube).

This is unacceptable in a Free society, especially here in the United States of America. These companies are trying to not only silence people because they want money from the Chinese market, but also altering content to put their own political agenda.

This is Tyranny to the highest magnitude, as these companies are trying to tell us what we should think, see, and hear. Going against one of the very principals of our Constitution and our rights as Americans.

Congress Please rectify this injustice, and strengthen not only the 1st Amendment, but to also ensure that no company, foreign or domestic gets to dictate what we can write, draw, sing, read, listen, and watch.

It is not up to them to decide, for it is our right to be able freely express our opinions, freely consume all content as originally intended.

Please write and pass a law that prohibits all censorship in all forms.

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