Stop the abuse of the Child Protective Services System against thriving families

I have dealt with child protective services quite a bit in the past due to a mentally ill child I have heard has happened to others before but never thought it would be me. After 6 years of no CPS contact I have seen nothing but cps for 7 months with over 80 calls of the same allegation everyone unsounded . Every allegation unfounded except for now. I have social phobia and anxiety and was over cooperating spilling my guts information which they used every word against me. Now I'm being forced to partake in services not only have no time for but caused even greater stress on me and my ability to care for my family. I am constantly consumed with paranoia and every car that drives by I think it's them. School caring for my daughter can CPS alike have overstepped their boundaries and have torn apart families in the midst of healing and making great strides. Something needs to be done about this my rights a mother wife and individual have been stripped from me the resources wasted on my family has been taken away from Children and Families in real need in real dangerous situations. I pray anyone reading this never have to go through what I'm going through right now that's why I need this to be looked at and actions brought upon the system and changes made. don't wait until children start being taken away and put in the foster care system for no reason. They want me to partake in preventive Services Program, a mother of 20 years, a veteran of motherhood. I know not any other action to take than my way of preventing THEM from anymore needless abuse and harassment wasting tax dollars I'm normal families with normal struggles. Please bring attention to this petition don't wait until I see you in the hot seat. Don't say it won't happen to you disparities happen to good innocent people everyday.