State kept granddaughter in a foster home

I called the police to protect my daughter in the state of Arizona and when the police arrived to “Protect” her, her then husband accused her of abusing him and the officer believed him. The Department of Child safety of Arizona then took eight hours of testimony against my daughter who had no previous criminal history. Then they took her to jail and put my granddaughter in a foster home. I then applied to become a kinship guardian and moved to Arizona. Despite my having a completely clean criminal history, a good job, and a good life they kept my granddaughter in a foster home for more then six months. This is a violation of a federal law which says a child should be placed with a suitable relative before he or she is ever placed in a foster home. I was told she could not be placed with me because I was not a permanent resident of Arizona. I spent more then $50,000 defending my daughter and granddaughter. That way they treated my daughter who was completely innocent was deplorable. In the end the police department apologized to her because they realized they had made a mistake. Her husband had a record in Utah with 10 counts of domestic abuse. I watched caseworkers lie under a oath on multiple occasions. This was a life altering situation for my daughter who nearly lost her child. The department of child safety of Maricopa County Arizona must be revamped. The abuse of power is staggering. I would not have believed this was happening in my country if I had not witnessed it with my own eyes. Please understand children are being removed for money in the state of Arizona. Each child who is removed generates $84,000 of income. Please please please provide the necessary oversight in this matter. My granddaughter is thriving now. Thank you for your time and for listening to my request.