Start fighting back for We the People

Where are our conservative leaders when we need you to fight for us? The left is allowing our country to be taken over my Marxist, Communist Thugs and where are your bills to stop this? The courts, our governors, and our mayors seem to all be caving to the demands of the left mob. Why are you not protecting our cities, our statues, and our churches? Senator Graham why are you not supporting Judges that our President has nominated? Senator McConnell, you are the leader; where are you? Do you think all these "courtesies" you are affording the Democrats will be reciprocal if they get in charge again? We are in a fight for our very way of life, our country, our very safety and security. You are a well paid group, elected to represent us. Do you jobs! Start fighting back. We are patiently waiting and that patience is wearing thin.
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