Start a disclosure process to inform the public on the UAP issue

UAP's or Unidentified aerial phenomena are a serious possible threat to our national security. While a majority of UFO's or UAP's can be debunked as everyday things some cannot be. The very skilled Cmdr David Fravor during the 2004 Nimitz encounter found the latter, fleets of the strange craft being able to accelerate at thousands of miles per hour, transfer from air to water with no loss of momentum and able to do circles around America's best aircraft. Whether these craft are from China, Russian, Europe or perhaps not even of this planet is meaningless, the potential threat to the American people is very real. I urge Congress to seriously inquire within the Military Industrial Complex to see how much they know, and if the several people from the US government including people like Harry Reid and Luis Elizondo are right, they do! Please consider the possibilities with an open mind and tackle this strange conundrum and let the American people who have been suffering from a massive coverup for 70+ years know the truth whatever it may be! Because whatever it is it cannot be held secret forever. Thank you.
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