Soverignty of the Individual Human

The Main Idea Behind the Original Constitution, Freedom, and God.

The Idea of Individual Sovereignty is the rare idea that made America the greatest nation in Human history.

The Economics of the last 100 years have been steered towards the idolatry of evil and enslavement to worthless paper money, and the devaluation of sanctity of human life.

The intentional stifling of great inventions, solely because they were detrimental to the advance of carbon based fuel industries closely related to the Federal Reserve and globalist control schemes.

The Banking Conspiracy against the American people over the last 100 years has been recognized by all included parties to this petition.


We the people of the North American States, as a whole, vote by petition to immediately abolish the Federal Reserve, and return to the soverignty to the people, to whom the aforementioned organization , being a private corporation or "person"

has enslaved the whole of the North American Continent, contrary to many "Global" human rights laws.

The aforementioned private corporation is and has been actively involved in a hostile economic takeover of the United States Constitution and sovereignty of the individual thus committing Treason.

We also ask that Capitol punishment be instituted immediately against the corporate person known as "The Federal Reserve" and any Individual persons involved with resistance to the sovereignty of the human person, and the return of such theology perfectly embodied by the original Constitution of the United States.

Hard corporate assets as well as the soft assets of all the investors and profit recipients be immediately Nationalized, with the wealth to be distributed among the individual States within the North American Government, based on population.

Sincerely ,

The Individual People of the United States of America