Smeeta Antony - A Targeted Individual Requests for FBI to initate an investigation on her case

The main page of my website www.avictimoforganizedcrime contains a video that says my story that lays in the sounds of silence showing anyone the terror I have lived over 9 years. The exact same video exists on Facebook as well.

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As laid out in the video of my story, I did have a private investigator gather evidence on the fact that there were directed targeted energy weapons targeted at me which is the key cause behind my illness however this investigator was not able to identify the source while he was able to identify that it was sky based.

This however was not good enough for the police. Till I provided a source the report of the fact that I was directed with electro magnetic energy weapons did not matter.

As it is the nature of the program, setting such a victim up with mental illness is key which they did do in 2012. They diagnosed me with schizophrenia. Today they have recanted all that diagnosis and is unable to figure out what is wrong with me.

This page on my website shows all the opinions Doctors have on me so far.

A copy of a committal that was initiated very recently that shows that the court dismissed it and called me not mentally ill.

I also sent to the FBI Internet Crime Control Center a Binder filled with pictures of how the hacker was hacking into my machines/devices making my life a living hell where the hacker would render my devices paralyzed, block information on the internet, loose my information and have me retype all my information over and over again. This form of harassment was specifically designed to break me as I have no memory after an episode and to have to reconstruct the document so painfully with key segments of my memory missing was a huge challenge designed to make me give up.

I heard nothing back from the FBI Internet Crime Control Center in Minneapolis. I visited the FBI in Minneapolis in person and with my private investigator. They did not want to hear from me unless I provide the name of the individual doing this to me.

Suddenly it is the victims job to provide every form of evidence and not the FBI or the police's job to initiate an investigation.

I implore the congress to listen to my 10 video go thru my website to see the credibility I have established such that u may see that I am an intelligent woman who is truly the victim of a system and a hacker that has taken undue advantage of my helplessness as nobody within the system helps once u are labeled. The sad fact that the label does not even apply is lost on the system. They would rather attribute the causes to mental illness as oppose to digging further which is the purpose behind ensuring of a mental illness.

I implore the congress to have the FBI investigate case by beginning to investigate the internet crimes which will point to the evidence on the rest of the case. Please end the terror I have lived for 9 years straight.