Sick & Tired of NOT being heard as a Domestically Abused Wonan!

I oppose covering up for or not bringing to light known Domestic Abusers!

Congress!! Hear me LOUD & CLEAR I’m sick & tired of being unheard & my abuser NOT being properly investigated & held accountable for his insidious & heinous crimes he has committed against me for 22 yrs. of marriage (to which I have proof of such)!

Pay attention.. I’m no longer going to be silent.. you will start listening to woman & our children, or we’ll start showing up at your office & force you to look at us in our faces till you do something about changing our Criminal Justice systems, and Family Law court systems.. & then try, and tell us we don’t matter as human beings..

I’m fed up , and I’ve had enough.. myself & my children won’t take it ANYMORE!!

Make some changes & hold these EVIL doers accountable once & for all.


Pissed Off & Fed Up With Our RIDICULOUS Criminal System that refuses to listen to us or even remotely try to HELP us any longer!!

Darci Mims
(346) 366-4046

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