Shut Down Child Protective Government Agency Offices. Open Child Protective Centers.

My dream is to have Child Protective Centers Instead of Child Protective Services so children are not lost or abused in Foster Care. This would be Centers such as an orphanage where children would safely stay such as if a parent is a danger such as an Alcoholic driving drunk. The parent could recover in treatment and in a 12 step program and still see their child at a center. This is so children would be kept track of, a head count everyday would be done so everyone knows where they are so they are not lost or missing by the Child Protective Government system. This is to avoid human sex traffick, deaths and medical kidnaps.

The Child Protective Centers would be in neighborhoods and the children may still attend the same school, activity's, and their family may visit them. The blood parent would be advised to seek help so the children could return home.

This is so a Child Protective Case worker cannot wisk kids away. It's so they cannot be lost and disappear by the Government system or die.

I would like to shut down all Child Protective Government Agency's and replace them with Child Protective Centers so no child is ever lost or missing or abused by the Government system.