Sgt. Jason Welsh

Dear Sir or Mam,
I Jason Welsh here by ask that an investigation, and the immediate release of myself and my wife. We are tethered by electronic devices illegally implanted in us. I believe that the FBI, State Dept., have been brutally torturing and have had electronic devices implanted without my knowledge or permission. I believe that the FBI is working with the terrorist group known as the Joey joys, and a company out of Las Vegas called Nefarious Ways. I have a top-secret sci clearance and believe that these people are using technology to sell secrets to our nation's enemies. I have plenty of proof of misdoings and only ask for the rights that I have bleed for. I have served my country honorably, and do not deserve the captivity that these programs have put on me. I do not want to go to the press, but I can no longer deal with this blatant misuse of power. I again only ask for this, not fame, not fortune but my freedom. I am a patriot and a veteran of the US Army. I do not deserve what has been put on me. This program the FBI or the State Dept. is running goes against all rights, God given, Human, and Constitutional. I want to say again I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PRESS, but I will if this continues. Please take this seriously as this could be an issue that could bring our country and mankind to its knees. I know about all that has been done to me and even the mac ids if the devises implanted. I also have pictures of devices implanted in my ears and have surgeons who will testify before you as of what has been seen during a kidney operation where i donated a kidney to a fellow veteran. I have also proof of the Veterans Affairs drugging me with sodium pentothal and interdomains. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PRESS, but I will. My name is SGT. Jason Matthew Welsh and I demand an investigation and my freedom.
Jason Matthew Welsh
34 CR 586 Geraldine, Alabama

Please show me our country is still the home of the free.
With regards,
Jason Matthew Welsh