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My name is Adriana Mena-Costas.
1. My Daughter was removed from my Custody Since November 2019, my case has had more than 3 case workers and 3 lawyers assigned to it, changes have resulted in very poor representation as no one professional had properly conveyed to the Court my side of the story.

2. The circumstances surrounding the removal of my daughter Kyra Mena-Costas are not clear, based on false accusations, innuendo and entrapment. I was asked to present my daughter for a check-up and she was found healthy, well taken care for and with no sign whatsoever of mistreatment. The allegations that I endangered her were simply not true.

3. I have been subject to prejudice and discrimination because I am Puertorican and poor.

4. That I have repeatedly asked that my case be transfered to the Family Services Department in Puerto Rico. I understand that the Territory of Puerto Rico is not under the Intestate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC). However, the Family Services Dept. in Puerto Rico, through their Interagencies Services Office does cooperate and accept out-of-state cases if the proper request is made by my case worker. This information and contact person have been provided to my lawyer and my case worker to no avail.

5. I have repeatedly expressed to my lawyer and case worker that I do have proper housing in Puerto Rico. I also have the economic and moral support of my family there. My two older children, 10 and 8 yrs. old, are anxiously awaiting our return. The 8 yrs. old is Autistic and because of our absence is having changes in his behavior.

6. That the reunification with my daughter Kyra is of the utmost importance to me and my family. Allowing our reunification and transferring the case to Puerto Rico will also allow my two older children to be reunited with their mother and sister.

7. Because of the Welfare of my Daughter but also my 2 Sons, we need to be together. Is not fair breaking a whole family apart.

8. Please, take this statement under your consideration and allow the reunification with my daughter and our return to Puerto Rico.

Thank you.
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