Seeking Truth

Liars have lately made a lot of demands to protect the Christians in Egypt. Accurate information should be sought before jumping to unfair conclusions.

You are kindly requested to check all the information provided by some of the Christians, especially those who live in the USA, about protection of Christians in Egypt. It is well-known that these demands are only made to gain the most they can over the Muslim majority in Egypt. They have the right to ask for what they think is their right as Egyptian citizens, but this should be through telling the truth about what really happens in Egypt. They are trying make use of your desire to support the values of fairness and equality between citizens of the same country. What has happened lately shows clearly the crimes committed by Christians in Egypt through kidnapping women who converted to Islam and keeping them against their wills in their churches not allowing them to appear through media to express their beliefs freely. Christians used weapons against unarmed Muslims who gathered with policemen to free a woman who called for help from inside the church where she was kept. Some persons who belong to the old regime burnt the two churches to start the fight between Muslims and Christians to create a state of chaos in Egypt for the benefit of the ex-president and his party. Please make sure of the news and information you get before taking any decisions that might lead to a catastrophe.