Saving the Leach Family

Help Prevent another Family Massacre like Ruby Ridge

My family and I are in desperate need of protection as the Concord County Sheriff Department of North Carolina is conspiring to create another Ruby Ridge scenario.

We are a close, law-abiding family who has raised and homeschooled our children to be respectful of everyone and the laws of our country. Fortunately, they have never committed any crimes but rather, have always helped their fellow neighbors.

And while we have only lived in this small mill town community in Kannapolis, N.C. (comprised of approximately 12% African Americans) for nearly 10 months, our son was recently wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit. As a result of our efforts to seek justice for our son, we have been retaliated against with false allegations of terrorism.

We are respectfully asking that the Governor Beverly Perdue of North Carolina and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of the Dept. of Justice please intervene before our family is gunned down like the Weaver family members who were massacred on Ruby Ridge in Idaho on August, 21, 1992.


The Leach Family