Save the Space Program

Keep the United States in the Space Program as it provides Employment to Hundreds of Thousands-Advances Technology-Education and American Pride and May Help Save our Planet one Day !-

When we have already spent over 19 billion dollars on the Constellation and Aires Space - Rocket -Moon Programs, including hundreds of millions of dollars in the stimulus package - we should not scrap this great program!!! It would throw hundreds of thousands of engineers and tech workers out of work in over 28 states. It would set the USA back in the Space Program probably forever. The Chinese will be setting up space centers on the Moon. We will have to rely on Russia and China for "Space-Help".....The launch pads have already been built at the Kennedy Space Center. All the technological advances that will flow from the space program into science-medicine-computers-etc will stop. The USA will begin a decline as China takes our place.

This is not a republican or democrat thing but an AMERICAN thing !!!!!

This part of the budget cut was a mistake. Spend some war funds on NASA instead of weapons !! Support the Constellation Space Program !!!! keep it going !!!!