Save our kids from cps Merced

Please help me get my children back, they were wrongfully taken from cps in Merced county,Shelly booker Was the CPS worker that came out to my house said that they had aligations seven phone calls back to back and they were here to talk to my children , I have video recordings of her and the officer that was here before they knocked on my door stating they were here for us safety plan to make sure that I had one but then at the door stated that there was possible sexual touching allegations she did not like that me and my husband I believe we’re together he’s black and I’m not and he was expressing our rights and getting loud with them and here they did not like it cps lies on paperwork, to judge, and to my self and children, my children have tried to fire their attorney that was given to them by Merced court and the judge denied it this is the same judge that signed off on a warrant with no proof of anything this judge has also called me and my children liars they’ve made up false statements and then had to dismiss the statements they remove the children on possible sexual touching and I don’t know where that came from and then they had to dismiss it and throw it out because they didn’t handle their job correctly and there was no proof of anything children stated that never happened please help me and my kids they have now separated my two daughters and put them in separate homes because my daughter that is 10 years old is acting out due to them lying to us and lying on them they put my children in quiet mode they’re not allowed to have phones no Internet access they’re not allowed to talk to me every time they promise us more time together they take it away on lies … my 10-year-old is crying every day misses her sister and me begs to come home begs to talk on the phone she’s talked to horribly by the caretaker she was with called fat told that she was never coming home told that they will keep her this is so scary how much power they have and the way that they’re lying I have recorded messages recorded videos of them talking to me about things and saying things and my children saying things that cps is saying that they never said but they don’t know that I have these recordings my children on these recordings have expressed real scarce and fear and what’s going on and Cps states that they don’t hear any of it but yet we’re in supervised visits they call me a liar they say that I bring up the case when I don’t so that way they can strip me from everything and then having my children on quiet mode my children are not even allowed to speak to their own biological siblings they cut off all contact between my children and our family we’ve tried to place them with their grandparents and Cps refused because they need to keep them on lockdown my daughters have filed a bar complaint against their attorney with misconduct on the judge has been filed and nothing has been done about it…. at the CFT meetings my children speak up about how they’re being light on by their turning and by CPS and how they’re being forced to be around family that they don’t even know they’re being lied to and taking to visits and one of my daughters was forced to a visit with her dad that she’s terrified of that I have full custody from and that they’re giving him rights to she was terrified chi lasted 15 minutes and expressed how upset she was that they did that to her when she wants nothing to do with him because she’s scared of him… Please help us please I know so many people here in Merced county now that I’ve had their children taken away on lies they remove them saying possible sexual touching and then throw it out and use a 300 b 1 ,to keep our children… this whole thing starts from the top to the bottom I have made complaints I have tried to get a hold of Yvonne Brown I am not getting anywhere I have filed a complaint with the foster children bill of right unit I have a case open right now for the way that they’re dealing with my children I need help please help us I’m begging you they have stolen my children they will not even allow me to go to their doctor‘s appointments they will not allow me to go to their schools they have stripped us from every bit of communication… Please please help us,, also just to let you know that Jennifer Peterson which was the supervisor on call for that emergency removal Shelley Booker that came to my home on the first night lied to the police officer and tried to get him to remove my children and he refused after the supervisor stated to him that I have on documentation that he was my husband was a sexual registered offender and had a worn out for us a rest and how could they leave these children with a man like that he told her that he looked my husband up and that was false information that he had no reason to believe that the children needed to be removed the home was clean the children good they did not Look like they were in fear for anything I have all of this documentation and video clip of the first night so then they left stating that they would find a judge to sign off on it and came back 24 hours and stole my children