Save our democracy

Please pass the “ For the People Voting Rights Bill” , HR 1, and HR 4, as these laws being enacted in states throughout our country will surely damage our democracy. These laws disproportionately affect poor, elderly, disabled, as well as minority voters. Infrastructure is important, police reform is important, immigration is important, but if we don’t have our democracy in tact, we will ultimately be remembered as a failed experiment. Our founding fathers put together a plan 234 years ago with the thought of country first, personal gain later. We seem to have gotten away from country first, and have now embraced partisan politics to govern our great nation..There is enough blame to go around within both of our political parties for failure to do the people’s business. I’m petitioning all of our governmental entities to please come together to put our country first, and do all that’s possible to protect our voting rights and save our democracy. Thank you.