Please Help Save My Life. It Matters Too.

I am a victim of crime. Several years ago, a gang of teenagers stole guns from a police car and used them to rob a bank. One of those guns was held to my head by a 15 year old kid. We were their eleventh bank robbery, and fortunately their last thanks to the dedication of state and federal law enforcement.

Given the increasing violence in America and the call for defunding law enforcement agencies, I am greatly concerned that one day I won’t be able to rely on law enforcement to protect me. I will be forced to protect myself and my family because no one will answer my 911 call. Crime will go up, and the people will have no other option but to exercise their 2nd Amendment right simply to stay alive.

On behalf of the people of the state of Georgia and the United States, I would like to petition state and federal governments for the right of individuals to withhold a percentage of annual income taxes to lawfully organize and fund local militias to provide protection for communities as provided under the US Constitution.

One of the fundamental purposes of government is the protection of its people. If federal and state governments will not do their job to protect the people from crime, then we the people should be able to withhold 20% of our state and federal tax on income each year to provide the fundamental service you now threaten.