Save Florida's Manatees!

Human activity may be their downfall...

Dear Congress,

Four very devoted students at Ocoee Middle School in Ocoee Florida would like to present an issue to you... An issue that has been giving the state of Florida trouble for a while now. It has to do with the manatees. They are becoming endangered due to human activity in an area largely populated by manatees. Since record-keeping began in 1974, more than 41% of manatees were killed or seriously injured by human activity such as fishing. Another 34% were killed from watercraft collisions. Watercraft collisions are, in itself, the largest cause of death for manatees. My group and I has partnered with and we have come up with a petition to help save these magnificent creatures. If you ask me, the citizens of the state of Florida are getting tired of the same old Save The Manatee bumper stickers and license plates. I and my group members our determined to change that. We are only kids but.... We have a right to speak on our own behalf! We want to save the manatees!