Save Constellation

Constellation, America's plan to return to the moon, is vital to the future of our nation!

The purpose of this petition is to oppose the cancellation of the Constellation Program, NASA?s plan to return to the moon. When the Space Shuttle is retired later this year, America will have no access to space and will be forced to buy seats on Russian rockets at a cost of $50 million per seat. Canceling Constellation will mean that we will have no plan for a replacement launch vehicle. This will leave America at a considerable disadvantage. A robust space program is vital if America is to remain competitive in the global community.

Canceling Constellation will cost thousands of jobs across the nation and cripple NASA. Without clearly defined goals, the agency will falter and quickly become obsolete. China, Russia, and other nations are aggressively advancing their space programs. America cannot afford to lose its dominance in space.

Private industry is expected to fill the role left vacant by NASA. While it is important to advance the role of private industry in human spaceflight, no private company has yet been able to launch anything into orbit or beyond. It would be foolish to rely solely on private industry for all of our nation?s needs in space. Only NASA can meet our goals for the foreseeable future, and Constellation is the best way to make that happen.

Please support the Constellation Program.