Ruined by False Accusations of Domestic Violence

I am a law enforcement officer in New Jersey about to loose my 15 year career over false accusations of Domestic violence, by my son’s mother, who has lied, manipulated, and perjured herself in the court family system in New Jersey countless times. I thought I would get some Justice in the court system, that the truth behind the lies would come out. But I was dead wrong about that, I realized that the winner of these cases in family court in NJ, is who is the better actor or actress, in front of the judge, who is supposedly deciding cases based on your demeanor, based on your dramatic performance, the fake tears, playing the victim. Ultimately using the NJ Domestic Violence Protection Act as a sword not a shield. I fully understand that there are real victims of Domestic Violence that need this protection, but the courts and the Judges need to realize that there are fake victims of DV that use it for their own personal agendas. And another common denominator in the way family court judges decide these cases is the theme of Err in the side of caution, time and time again. How can this be justice? If that is the case there is no chance of justice for us defendants in this DV cases at all. This system is broken, and it needs to be fixed right away. The way judges are ruling on this cases is ruining innocent people’s careers, livelihoods, this needs to change. Maybe by raising the burden of proof, or maybe even using lie detectors etc., anything to even the playing field. I am one of those people, that my life has been turned upside down by lies and fabrications. And ultimately ruined. Carlos Montoya
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