R&R Research Violates AWA Again: Urge USDA and Congress to Protect Pets!

AAVS has renewed its call for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to revoke the license of R&R Research, a random source Class B dealer that has repeatedly violated the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), legislation designed to protect lost or stolen pets from becoming research subjects. Random source Class B dealers are animal brokers that obtain dogs and cats from shelters and others, and then sell them to research and education facilities, and they are only permitted to obtain animals from licensed dealers or individuals with animals who are born and raised on their property. This creates a paper trail that demonstrates legal acquisition of animals as well as mode to find a lost dog or cat. However, in July, R&R was cited for illegally acquiring a dog. According to a USDA inspection report, R&R obtained the animal from a person who ?acquired the dog at six weeks of age from an individual?who was giving [it] away.?

This is the 6th time that R&R Research has violated this section of the AWA! There is no excuse for letting them flout the law continually.

The USDA is charged by Congress to uphold the integrity of the AWA, yet it has failed to penalize R&R for its repeated, blatant animal welfare violations. In September, >the Government of Accountability Office (GAO) conducted an audit of USDA?s oversight of random source Class B dealers like R&R, and concluded that USDA is failing to adequately monitor the activities of these animal brokers. GAO revealed that seven of nine Class B dealers have had one or more AWA violations, and that record keeping was at times so poor that 16% of original sources for animals could not be confirmed and 13% of tracebacks from 2009 remain incomplete, despite the fact that they should occur within 30 days of dealer inspection.

Further implicating random source Class B dealers, last year, the National Academies Institute for Laboratory Animal Research acknowledged concern over their controversial reputation, and stated that dogs and cats from such dealers are not necessary for federally funded research.

This mountain of evidence demonstrates the need to: 1) enforce the law and shut down R&R Research and 2) elimate all other random source Class B dealers, as called for in the Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 3907 & S. 1834), a long-awaited bill that will plug the supply line from shelters to these dealers. Continuing to spend valuable USDA inspection resources on random source Class B dealers is a waste of taxpayer money has not helped to protect the dogs and cats who continue to suffer at these facilities.

What you can do!

Please use the form below to contact Chester Gipson, DVM, the Deputy Administrator of Animal Care at USDA, and ask that the agency immediately revoke R&R Research?s Class B dealer license. Remind USDA that R&R has repeatedly committed serious AWA violations.

Also, please contact your Senators and Re