Rising population of inmates in Correctional Facilities

Looking for our tax dollars...this is where it goes!

I am asking Congress to seriously get involved with this matter. I have facts in black in white in my research and have sent 2 letters to Jodi Rell. The facts are this..We have a total of 19 correctional facilities here in the state. Do you know we are housing approximately 19,413 inmates. That is 4,396 inmates accused waiting sentence. So while we wait at $87.00 per day per inmate that costs us approximately $382,452.00 dollars per day. While we wait on the sentenced to be released that is 15,017 inmates at $87.00 per day totaling $1,306,479.00 per day so I guess the 1.7 million dollars we spend per day just on housing these individuals, not for the CO's or the CTO's or warden's pay it's o.k..I am not disagreeing that alot of these inmates deserve to be there, but we need to take a hard look at house arrests..not for murderers, or individuals that think it's ok to repeat the same offense over and over again. Any offense, except what I stated in the previous sentence that is first time should be a house arrest. The cost for house arrest is $50.00 per inmate to hook up then it is $10.00 per day per inmate. Huge difference in costs, $77.00 per day. Alot of these individuals were at the wrong place at the wrong time and we hold to much of that guilty by association. How is it that individuals kill others while drunk driving pay a fine and then get house arrest?? Is it because they have money?? That is terribly wrong?? You can't bring back somebody from the dead..but we can teach the children right from wrong and have more control over marijuana and drug use..bring more classes in for this type of issues..we can teach them how important it is to be a positive role for our society..I really feel we gave up a long time ago..We assume they are following probation orders, but I know for a fact there are many kids on the street that have violated probation, been arrested over and over and all we do is slap them on the wrist and let them be on there merry way. I am asking for help on this situation..There are so many things we can do in a positive manor, to lead alot of these kids in the right direction. We need to be very concerned with these numbers and remember this does not include state prison numbers. I am aware of the types of conversations that go on in the jails and in no way is it a positive influence. Also the state requires some of these inmates to pay back for their time served in jail..How do we allow this, seeing they do not have any money getting out of jail, and even if we allow them to pay back $50.00 per month, it takes more time to pay back then they were in jail..please read carefully.. and consider how many options we have for individuals that should not be there. Thank you