Rights for Biological Fathers

To help bilogical fathers claim ther blood children without dispute

The U.S. currently has a law stating that if you are having a child with someone, and your wife's divorce wasn't final until within 300 days of the baby's birth you have complete an acknowledgment of paternity, and the ex husband has to complete a denial of paternity, even though your spouse has resided with you for longer than the pregnancy. In my case, it is undoubtedly my son due to the fact that my wife has lived with me since January 2010, our son was born in February 2011, and due to the fact that her divorce was not final until May 11, 2010 I cannot sign my sons birth certificate or even enroll my son in the DEERS or Tricare system until a denial of paternity is complete. Summing everything up, I am preparing to PCS to Korea and leave behind my son with no health care or benefits of any kind because a law states that I cannot claim my own son as a dependent due to a formality. Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to fighting this battle for fathers who have had to deal with this very situation to ensure they get their rights also.