Right To The Claim Nationality

I Bakari Hasani Taylor Bey being wrongfully and illegally misidentified as MARLON LESLIE TAYLOR hereby declare sovereign national de jure, pursuant to the Free Moorish/Muurish National Flag the Great Seal, and United States Copyright Certificate #AA222141-A, U. S Department of justice #BM-SHR-$WD144-35-0, (CLASSIFIED "TRUTH A-1"), I Bakari Hasani Taylor Bey, being previously and illegally known as MARLON LESLIE TAYLOR. Has been resolved. I command any and all false debt be stricken from my person. All financial and legal injustices. Be duly and immediately restored to me and my estate. All covert deceitful actions used against me and my family be restored at once. I know who I am. I am a Moorish American I am the Heir to the land and all therein . I know where I am: North West Amexem, Turtle Island, The North Gate, the Maghreb. And I know who you are not. You are not American, you are a Pilgrim, wanderer colonists. You are operating illegally immorally and in a destructive manner on my land. You should find another place to go. I am In Propria Persona Su Juris. We no longer require the Trustee. We are competent heirs.


N/A Bakari Hasani Taylor Bey
407 East 3rd St. Robersonville N.C.
Robersonville, NC 27871

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