Revisions of the Judicial System in Massachusetts

We the people of Massachusetts are ready to take back our streets and give our children a safer place to live

It has become a growing problem in the state of Massachusetts. Times have changed yet the laws have remained the same regarding punishment. The population is growing and so is the crime rate. The laws as they stand now are far to lenient. Repeated violators are continuing to pollute our streets and take many lives along the way. Law Enforcement put their lives on the line everyday to protect our streets and families, and members of the Judicial System fail to follow through on their part perhaps, due to the laws as they are written today. The people of Massachusetts are disgusted and are ready to take a stand for what is right, and to take back our streets and to make a better place for our children. We ask that these laws are revised and perhaps with a lot less leniency for repeat offenders. We ask that we have your full support on this matter, and (I) ask that, another mother NEVER have to feel the pain that I have endured