Revise Food Stamp Program for Healthier America

Removing pre-processed, prepakaged, chemical laden foods from the Food Stamp Program.

The Food Stamp Program currently enables it's recipients to purchase unhealthy items and it reaches a massive amount of Americans. I would like to see a change wherein which food stamps would only purchase the following (I may miss something here, but you can figure out my meaning) non processed meats, fish and poultry. Non prepared foods such as frozen dinners and frozen vegies, frozen deserts, frozen breakfasts/lunches. Canned items limited to things like tomato paste/sauce, and vegies/beans without msg (and I mean msg with all of its alternative names like, yeast extract, sodium caseanate, natural flavorings, etc.). Also, food stamps could be used to purchase dairy products (except where mixes occur, like cottage cheese with fruit). Food stamps should purchase fresh fruits and vegies, whole wheat/grain breads, and only prepackaged items like chopped nuts/seeds, dried fruit. FS should purchase flour, sugar, oils, condiments, seasonings, fruit juice (not frt. cocktail), vegetable juice, tea and coffee). It should never purchase gum, candy, sodas, chips, bakery items or prepackaged pastries or deli items, no cookies.

This program needs to be revised. Perhaps with the money the FS program saves not purchasing those other items cold be used to teach these folks how to prepare healthy meals in under 20 minutes.