reunite families that are torn apart by the corrupt court system

CPS, and Ex Parte are the two ways that a child can be removed from the parents, especially vulnerable single mothers. They say all the time "in the best interest of the child" however, there is no advocacy, no mental health counseling, no reunification programs. We all know that it is best for a child to grow up with both parents, healthy whether together or apart, yet these family court judges and attorneys use these innocent children for profiteering and sell your child to the highest bidder. Once the child is removed there is absolutely no goal, no case plan, no financial assistance to reunite these broken families. I am a victim of the faulty court system. I am a single mother with mental health issues, and a survivor of the drug epidemic. I straightened my life out, but I have never been given an opportunity to reunite with my babies. Its devestating, I grew up without my parents and it scarred me for life. I see the hurt and sadness on my childrens faces, and I cant make the 'hurt" any better. I cant be a normal mother and put band aides on "boo boo's" Instead i have to sit back and watch the court system pour salt in their open wounds. We need better laws protecting the rights of parents and children. Instead the cycle repeats because these children are left with holes in their hearts because of absent parents. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN
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