return our kids in wv

cps in wv Is taking our children and destroying families like its nothing all for money. our children are worth much more than a paycheck for the workers,gal's, judges, and the court appt lawyers. it has to be stopped and our babies returned. there are parents committing suicide bcuz thst can not go in without their children. i sm one grandmother who lost rights to three i was raising over allegations and hear say that was never proven i passed every drug test they took my daughters and rights abd they are trying to tske my handi cap daughters rights now. did i mention they took my son's rights as well from his child. it's like a personal vendetta all three if my children abd all my grandkids after gone now. wth is going on in wv. we're are 2nd behind California having the most kids in foster homes. government either does something about it or we're going after our children ourself. cps workers chelsea eller, and debbie pigman and kanawha county circuit judges and gal rudy not sure last name but they are acting like it's nothin to destroy families. ripping families apart every day we won't stop til it stops and our children are returned.
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