In 2007, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Illegally took my oldest and first born one month old son into their custody, all while I was still a DCFS ward of the State located in Romeoville, Illinois. Individual Advocacy Group, a DCFS contracted agency employee Andrea Vaughn, Augustine Brown (Regional Director of I.A.G) & Sharron Obeber (Assistant Regional Director) all created false statements against me that resulted in my oldest three children to be taken into DCFS custody. No evidence of risk of harm ever founded. They have bribed, intimidated and threaten anyone and everyone from helping me obtain Justice. They stone-walled and blockbustered me in all areas of my life during the DCFS investigation process. They stolen my Norman fund from DCFS that will help me obtain more of a stable living environment after my emancipation. Luckily for me, I have an amazing work history and money management skills. I continue to maintain shelter, food, clothes and water. I had a return home goals for my youngest daughter in Chicago, Illinois. After I completed all tasks court ordered of me, she was to return home within 24 hours. She never returned. Instead I did not see none of my children after that. No mail from the court and caseworkers. In September of 2014, I received a letter from Chicago, Illinois juvenile Court stating I have lost all parental rights to my oldest three children.