Return foster kids home in crises

Foster families are not equipped to handle crisis situations while tending to foster care children and their own families their resources are usually deployed it because their funding is from the government children that are in Foster Care systems should be returned to their families during financial crisis viral crisis has and other hardships that come to the United States such as the covid 19 that is sweeping across the United States and the rest of the world children are already separated from their parents scared lonely and have no one but their families 99% of these children were taken over needless acts just so that a government office could make a bigger paycheck these children need to be returned to their families unless there has been a serious violent crime committed from a parent to a child leaving the child in a desperate or dying situation it is not fair for families and children to be separated while the rest of the world is shutting down around them, this is a scary time for a child and for the parents and this needs to be tended to promptly families are already suffering hardships and mr. Children and children most importantly are missing their families and their parents foster children should be returned immediately to their families due to this crisis that we are now seeing in the United States and not knowing when this will live court dates of reunification have been canceled visitations of children and parents have been cancelled leaving nothing more than a phone call once a week this is not fair to parents or children this needs to be reconsidered and children need to be returned home so that we can all work together to keep each other safe in these hard times judges are corrupt CPS is corrupt and people are losing their lives and their sanity over these separations of children and parents
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