Restore Humane Treatment To American Prisoners

The issue of basic,humane treatment of prison inmates has been pushed aside for too long.Climate change is worsening each year,and prisoners are dying in many southern states where there is no air conditioning.At least 23 in TX have died from heat-related illnesses since 1998.Much the same is happening in ALA,AZ,FL,GA,KS,KY,LA,MS,MI,NC,SC and VA.America's prisons are callously violating both their 8th and 14th Amendment Rights,which ban cruel and unusual punishment and protect against discrimination and/or unequal treatment.In addition to a lack of adequate nutrition,health care is essentially nonexistent and suffers from a lack of adequate staff.We need to stop closing our eyes and turning away from this suffering.This is America,not some developing country.We seem to have lost our humanity-especially when compared with many European prisons that are based on dignity instead of dehumanization.
I call on ALL OF CONGRESS as well as the PRESIDENT to blow this issue up and actively move to end this unceasing "torture and death sentence" for the incarcerated men and women in this country!!