Resolution Condemning Congresswoman Omar racist attacks towards Jewish People and 9/11 Victims

Democratic House Leaders denounced Rep Ilhan Omar over her 9/11 comments and Anti-Semitism views, however they FAILED to bring the issue to the floor and name her as the one who made the comments. WE THE PEOPLE call on Congress to formally bring her racist comments to the floor.

On the 9/11 terror attacks Rep Omar of Minnesotta referred to the terrorist as "some people." The Rep from MN should have been reminded that over 2,977 people died due to this terrorism act. She was speaking at a dinner in California, Council of American-Islamic Relations.

On the Anti-Semite attacks and remarks it is clear that Rep Omar's prejudice towards the Jewish people is well documented and must be addressed formally in congress. Millions of people consider remarks she has made as Racist.

She should not be allowed to serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee nor serve in Congress with such views.