Rescue The Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda

3000 kids have been abducted for over 20 years, help bring them home.

For the plight of children abducted and forced to fight as soldiers in the Lord?s Resistance Army, terrorizing Central East Africa over the last two decades.

For 23 years, the region has been consumed by conflict. Despite a ceasefire called between the Lord?s Resistance Army (LRA) and Ugandan government, efforts toward peace were stalled on several occasions by Kony?s refusal to sign the final peace agreement. In early 2009, the Ugandan government and surrounding countries launched a military operation intended to defeat the LRA and capture the rebel leader. The LRA retaliated by murdering and displacing thousands of civilians, while abducting hundreds of children to fight amongst its ranks. A war originally contained within Uganda?s borders has now evolved into a widespread regional crisis, prompting massive international attention.

It's frightening that this war has now grown into an international crisis.

You need to respond with an international body of activists to increase the visibility of this conflict and end Joseph Kony's reign of terror.