Require drug testing for recipients of all State and Federal Assistance Programs.

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I am writing to you to express my support for testing all recipients of State and Federal Assistance, for the presence of illegal drugs.

Nowhere in our state or U.S. constitutions is it mandated that financial assistance is a right. Make no mistake, it is a privilege afforded to those in need by the taxpayers via our federal and state governments. Also, unemployment compensation premiums are currently paid by the employer, not the employee; however that may change very soon. We should also remember that illicit drug use is illegal. It is a crime that has criminal penalties.

I think it's time that we get serious about the problem of illegal drug users abusing our public assistance system. We should require random drug testing for every individual receiving welfare, food assistance or unemployment benefits. After all, more and more employers are requiring drug testing. Why not make sure that people who are supposed to be looking for work are already prequalified by being drug free?

Furthermore, encouraging just one drug addicted, welfare supported mother or father, to get clean, would save potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars. For every child born who is inflicted with a lifelong drug abuse related disease, the taxpayer?s incurred expense could be in the hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of dollars.

Opponents claim that this legislation will hurt the children. Evidence clearly indicates that drug addicted parents are the ones truly inflicting the harm. This bill actually helps to protect the children. Someone who fails a drug test will be given two months to get clean before assistance is cut off. Any good parent would clearly choose their children?s best interest over illegal drugs. And, maybe financial resources or the lack there of will be a greater cessation motivator than the addiction itself. Remember, the upfront drug testing expense is minimal compared to the backside taxpayer incurred burden.

As for the constitutional issue, it has never been considered by the US Supreme Court. Furthermore, ?Big Brother? already invades welfare recipient?s lives by requiring proof of need via payroll receipts and bank account information. Interestingly enough, employees can get fired from their job for drug usage, yet receive unemployment compensation benefits which in turn drives up the cost of employer paid unemployment premiums.

In essence, I believe that this requirement will be constitutional. Opponents of this bill are either enablers of bad (illegal) behavior, drug abusers or the most despicable of all...have a personal financial interest/gain in the demise of a certain segment of our society. And, they?ve yet to offer a viable alternative to this legislation.

It?s time we start respecting the taxpayer and get serious about fixing this problem.

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May 4th, 2017
Someone from Fredericksburg, TX signed.
Apr 13th, 2017
Kate S. from Macclenny, FL signed.
Feb 22nd, 2017
Someone from MISSION HILL, SD signed.
Feb 9th, 2017
Kevin G. from Minneapolis, MN writes:
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I think this should be mandatory. I pay my taxes. I want my tax dollars to be represented in a moral manor. I should not have to take care of drug addicts with my tax dollars.
Feb 2nd, 2017
Billy P. from Buchanan, TN writes:
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I would like to see anyone that gets any Gov. help be drug tested if we have to be drug free to make the money the ones that receive the money should be drug free also !!!
Jan 29th, 2017
Adam H. from Manchester, NH writes:
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I refuse to support other people's drug addictions in any form.
Jan 26th, 2017
Susan W. from Raymore, MO writes:
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I work as a health care provider in an Emergency Department and see many drug addicted people on Medicaide. They often utilize the 'free' (to them) ER services to attempt to receive narcotics or narcotic prescriptions to sell for more money. They are not being held accountable by anyone. If I, or a fellow employee came to work high we would lose our paycheck...they should too!
Jan 20th, 2017
Michael A. from San Leandro, CA writes:
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I agree. There are entirely too many recipients (a lot of whom are able to do some type of work) of these benefits. The billions of dollars that are spent on these benefits could be used to restructure our education system, law enforcement system, and other areas of government which needs restructuring. Also, I believe it could be used to offer more programs so these recipients can get the training and/or resources to assist them in becoming productive members of society.
Jan 17th, 2017
carmen s. from Bronx, NY writes:
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Way to go!!! 110% The right thing to do..Also for people on S.S.I & Social Security..IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE MANY YEARS AGO!!!
Dec 26th, 2016
Someone from Dawson Springs, KY writes:
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I am in complete agreement with the need for drug-testing anyone who receives government benefits. As a tax payer who has chosen to return to school over filing for my disability, I think I absolutely have a say in this. I know of at least 30 people just in my neighborhood who draw checks from the government and use them to buy drugs that are not prescribed to them. The person drawing the benefits should be the one who pays for the tests. I keep hearing that it isn't cost efficient. Who are they buying these tests from? You can get a drug test from the Dollar Tree for a dollar. Stop getting in bed with Big Pharma. They are the ones causing this issue. I think it's time you let the tax payers have some say in their tax dollars. We work ourselves to death, and the government is draining our retirement on people who have some silly issue like anxiety or they learn slow. Hello? When I was a child, that meant you needed more discipline. Stop babying people and giving them our money. If you don't earn your SSI, you should absolutely be drug-tested and there should be more tests for those adults using ADD as an excuse. Parents are the worst when it comes to getting checks for kids. You can't trust them. They are the reason so many kids are going bad. If our government doesn't step in and stop the free-bleeding of us taxpayers money, who will? My nephew is trying to get SSI now, and he doesn't qualify in my eyes. He's had one job in his life. But, he prefers to smoke pot and be lazy. So, he wants to get his check back that his drug-addict mother got him as a child. That's the kind of people we're allowing to be bread now. It's an epidemic. If we don't stop it now, what happens to the social security for us who actually put in the hours and work? It's time we get serious and fix this problem.
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