Request for Impartiality in Iranian Elections

Request the United States congressmen, senators and the president to remain impartial in the Iranian Elections

President Obama, Members of the United States Congress and Senate,

As you know Iran is in the midst of its worst unrest since the revolution. Based on a mountain of evidence, it is highly probable that the recent elections were not only fraudulent but the results completely fabricated in order to keep the existing government in place. Although it may appear humane, responsible and to the interest of the United States to support the fight of the Iranian people for a new, fair and just election, any official resolutions or positions will be interpreted by the supporters of Mr. Ahmadinejad as evidence of American invasion of Iranian sovereignty and used by the state propaganda machine to arouse its support base, categorize the dissent as foreign elements and legitimize the use of disproportionate force for quelling the demonstrators.

For the interest of the Iranian people and for the best interest of the United States, we respectfully request that you refrain from passing any resolutions or otherwise take official positions in support of the opposition and allow the people of Iran to secure their liberty.