Represent Us or Resign!!

Our government is failing We The People. Both Democrats and Republicans are putting our country and its citizens last. We have American people sleeping on the streets, people losing their businesses, cities in despair, forced lockdowns, and no answers. Everything that our government has done has not benefited our country or the people living it. Our elected officials are not being the voice of the people that voted for them and it seems as though they are putting their own needs before ours. It is time to hold them accountable and demand they start representing us.

This is our letter from We The People

Dear members of Congress and the Biden Administration,

We The People have had enough. We demand that you start being the voice of the American people. The people who voted you in and the people who have trusted you. We have sat here and watched you put the needs of We The People last. We have sat here waiting patiently through this pandemic, listening to your rules, waiting for some kind of relief and some sort of way out. Over the years we have put our trust in you, we have played by your rules, and we lived our lives with the understanding that those we voted for had our best interest at heart. Now that time has passed and we have been watching you and seeing that you have been putting the American people last.

We see our own people are sleeping on the streets while you cater to those who come here ILLEGALLY. You are forcing lockdowns, making up rules for gathering, mandating tests and/or vaccinations all while you allow people pouring into our country unchecked, unvaccinated, and undocumented. This is both negligent and irresponsible. You made the American people wait for economic relief as businesses closed and people struggled to put food on the table or lived off of their savings only to finally give pennies while giving millions to other countries and both illegals that were already here and those who came in through our borders that you opened.

We see our cities in despair through the years and while crimes go up you not only allow these cities to be destroyed, but you also incite the violence and destruction of these cities or support those who are doing so. You are leading Americans astray. This is costing American people their business, their jobs, and some even their lives. This is not helpful to anybody and is especially not helpful to those living in these cities.

We see you try and chip away at our constitution. What does it say when your government is trying to change the very thing that was made to protect us from them? You say no amendment is absolute, but we say they all are. The American people voted for members of our government to represent us not to represent themselves or anyone else. Let us remind you. Your job is to represent We The People. You will not infringe on our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, or any other of our rights. You trying to alter these rights leads us to wonder where your loyalty lies? We have lost trust in congress and the presidency for allowing our government to fail and targeting the American people instead of those who seek to harm us.
We see you spending our money on things that are not helpful to our needs. We the people have had enough of slipping things in bills that have nothing to do with the bill. Our covid-relief bill should have been strictly covid relief to the Legal American citizens and to small business and those affected by the pandemic and nothing else. This infrastructure bill should only go to infrastructure. These things are not okay and we are done with the lies and excuses. Its time to start representing us or Resign. If you do not do either of these we will collectively recall, vote out, or whatever we can to legally get each and everyone of you out of office. We want to see change. We want to see our government working together to solve issues that directly affet us and we want to see money going directly to bettering our nation.

We demand you start putting the needs of the American people before illegals, before other countries, and before your own. We demand you be the voice of those who voted for you. If you fail to do so we demand you resign.

We the people have had enough. You are spending our money in ways that do not meet our needs. Our money is going to other countries, illegals, and other areas that are not beneficial to the American people. You closed our economy and put funding for everything else in our economic relief bill above your own people only to leave us with crumbs.
You have opened our borders and created a crisis and chaos. You say this is a pandemic and have closed our schools, you separated us from our loved ones, and expect us to be tested and/or vaccinated to fly in planes, go into businesses, and go back to schools and work all while you allow people pouring into our country unchecked, unvaccinated, and undocumented. This is both negligent and irresponsible.
You threatened our constitution. Unlike you have suggested, that "No amendment to our constitution is absolute," we are here to tell you that ALL of our amendments to our constitution are ABSOLUTE because we are telling you that you are absolutely not touching them. You will not tamper with any of our rights as outlined in our constitution that is designed to protect us. Designed to protect Us from YOU. We the people are sayin NO!
We are putting all members of congress on notice. If you do not start representing us and being the voice of the American people as you were voted in to do so we demand your resignation.
The American people