Dear President Biden, Vice President Harris, Secretary of State & Defense, Senators, Congressmen,

Please "Immediately" pursue the replacement of Zelenskyy as a spokesman and/or President for the world! Many people do not share his views with World War 3 threats and his claim we need to all join him and if we don't we are wrong! He seems very inexperienced and over his head with confidence and insecurity among other negative things!

Please also tell him to stop the same old rhetoric on television or similar where he is antagonizing Pres. Putin into a possible Nuclear War which as we all intelligently know is total disaster for everyone. I can only imagine what he might have said prior to this war to Pres. Putin behind the scenes if he is openly egging on Pres. Putin into a World War 3 fight by saying "Bring it On" or "We are not afraid" "World War 3" is coming etc., Calmer heads prevail of which Zelenskyy surely does not have or possess of which is much needed in these negotiations. He needs to put a muzzle on his mouth. He is not the world's spokesman by no means!

Please also stop funding Zelenskyy by sending good money after bad if he continues this one way, dead end no way out approach which results in our money being put to no good use. We don't need Zelenskyy to continually escalate this very dangerous matter dragging everyone into his personal vendetta fight, to the contrary we need to "Deescalate it quickly". Also, there are "Many things" this money could be put towards in America or our Allies, like, roads, energy, economy, infrastructure, healthcare etc., as opposed funding Zelenskyy's plot to over throw Pres. Putin and I would imagine many other people thereafter. Where does Zelenskyy draw the line after Pres. Putin? I am afraid to ask.

Bottom line, we need a "Peace through Strength" approach and not a strong arming of Pres. Putin who obviously controls a massive super power. It definitely appears this is the case which most definitely won't end up good for the world at large!

Please take "Immediate Action" with respect to Zelenskyy and tempering his enthusiasm into a Nuclear World War 3 Holocaust of which he seems so interesting in creating and broker peace instead of all out World War 3 approach he is promoting religiously.


Citizens of the World