Repeal HR 3 - The Rape \"Re-definition\" Law Passed by Congress

This bill redefined rape and causes women to have audits done by the IRS if they get an abortion due to being raped.

We are angry. Angry that Congress passed a bill that redefines rape and prohibits government funding for abortions due to rape, incest and to save the life of the woman. Per the Hyde Amendment, those were the only cases where a woman in need could have her abortion (that by the Supreme Court ruling is LEGAL) paid for if she could not

As for the redefining of "forcible rape", must a woman be dead or beaten to a pulp to prove she was forcibly raped? This bill seems to say so. You have put women in danger with this bill. Women that are slipped a date rape drug will not show these signs under the new definition. Women who comply out of fear for their lives will also be excluded from these new definitions. This is an affront to women and puts them back into second class citizen status. Having the IRS audit women who get abortions from being raped is a slap in the face. Why should the victim continue paying for a crime committed against her?

Women fought for their rights and their right to bodily autonomy. This law is a major step backwards for women.